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Grateful little licks

A Little Situation

on my voicemail today 10:04 am

"Yes ma'am, this is David Sylzinski, Assistant Principal here at Forest Park Middle School. and we've had a little situation of looking at a pornographic picture by some boys in class, Keenwon was one of them. Uh, he was given In School Suspension tomorrow after his first 2 finals (cause first and second period they have finals) and then he's gonna sit with the other boys in In School Suspension. If you have any questions, please give Mr. Sylzinski a call at (recites phone number). Thank you and bye bye."

Now, the reflex is to call the number and tell Mr. Sylzinski that we don't have a son named Keenwon (Quinoa?). But just imagine that kid at home tonight- all his dread melting away as he slowly realizes he's off the hook. Isn't that better?


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