A Little Situation

Why do I like it here?

Why do I fixate on things that are ugly and old? Must I be both a visionary and a saint? or is it selfish love? Because I want these things all to myself?
For example, that khaki sack dress at Value Village. Let me love you. They don't understand us anyways. For example, the fat kid, the misfit, the one carving Butthole Surfers into his arm. You're complicated aren't you? I see.
And Forest Park, Georgia. Are you too a diamond in the rough? I have seen the future of urban sprawl, and it has you scheduled for a comeback sometime in the next 25 years. Either that, or you'll be converted into landfills, runways, container fields. Either that, or I need to get a new hometown.
Forest Park's original name was Stumptown. All the Forest was cut down to make railroad ties.


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