Time Machine

Greatest Hits Nightmare

(d. mathias)

When I can’t write, I dream. Then I write my dream:

1. My dog scratched up my scalp and face. She didn’t mean to. I debated going to the emergency room. The scratches weren’t bleeding and were hidden by my hair.

2. The hospital was in midtown Manhattan. The nurses were lined up behind plexiglass teller windows. At first, they wouldn’t admit me because my driver license had expired.

3. I decided to use my time in the waiting room cramming for two college finals that I somehow needed to retake: Calculus and the Novels of Jane Austen.

4. I picked a name for my unborn daughter: Hera. Sure it has some negative connotations, but I’d tell her only the good stuff about Hera. “You’re the queen of the Gods,” I would say.

5. In the interest of accessibility, the hospital had no stairs, only long tiled ramps of dark chocolate brick. These long ramps made me more tired and slow, somehow, than stairs.

6. Then I had sex with my uncle in the waiting room.

This was like a "Greatest Hits" of all my nightmares: test-taking, incest, bureaucracy, pregnancy and weird architecture.



I had the most bizarre and terrifying dream a couple of nights ago. I'm in Amsterdam attending a educational conference. That may be the connection - Netherlands, I mean - to dreaming of Indonesia; there's also a comrade here from Mindanao, so that is also possible. I've forgotten most of it except the skeleton. Some sinister merchant or sailor from Europe had gone there and set up a enterprise that promoted itself with pickled fingers. These became a kind of delicacy. I think there was a queen or some other aristocracy in the dream that played a disturbing role as well. Wish I had written it down.


um, skeleton of the dream, that is. Time zones have made me incoherent. It's 7:40 but it's really 1:40, or is it the other way around?!

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