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The End of Moreland Ave - 3

Another friend from church, a transplant, once explained to me about the two Krogers in East Atlanta– the “nice” one North of I-20 and the “ghetto” Kroger on the southside. She cautioned me that the Drive-In Theatre was down there, but beyond that was no-man’s-land.
    And Stumptown, I thought. Beyond that is the place where I grew up.
    It’s a stretch of highway I have memorized from frequent use– a conglomeration of truckyards leading inside the perimeter. As teenagers we took Moreland from Stumptown into Little 5 Points, the coolest place anyone could think of. With our car doors locked, we coasted through the deserted traffic lights. Moreland was fast, but menacing. It sloped through a valley of landfills spotted with methane flames.
    I took my driver’s license test in the parking lot of the old Grant’s on Moreland, in the shadow of those trapezoidal mountains of garbage. When I was in college and still mastering the stick shift, still afraid of the Interstates, I would take Moreland south to visit my old church. It was blank and airy those Sunday mornings. It felt like no one, no city for miles around.



I remember the ghetto Kroger! Used to go there with my friend Colin, who grew up nearby. Half the light fixtures were dead and you were likely to discovered opened packaging and bite marks on lots of the food.

But where was the other one? I can't think of anything the size of a grocery store north of I-20 on Moreland. Maybe it's been torn down...

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