Flagrant Violation


One of my New Year's resolutions was to clean out the garage and transform it into a working printshop. That means letting go of a bunch of old junk projects that have been piling up. Emboldened by our recent success with Craigslist, (we sold an old sink at 200% profit) yesterday I posted a new round of offerings. The photos and half-hearted copywriting really capture a funny moment in my life... its a catalog of my dumpster-diving over the last couple years. I had high hopes for some of this stuff... now I just want the cash and the space. Within an hour, I had several takers. People are especially curious about the safe!

Diebold Steel Safe - $10


Just what you've been looking for...a massive, oldschool steel safe. If you can open it, you can have what's inside! This big heavy thing came with our house and its kind of a mystery. We just want to get rid of it.
25"x42"x25" deep.
Vintage Retro Highchair - $15


Scruffy little chrome high chair that made us nostalgic so we picked it up off the side of the road. The little animals look very '70s. Clean it up with steel wool and add it to your retro baby room.

Vintage Retro Table - $40


Here's another cute diner-style table from the '60s.
Chrome and formica with a red teapot pattern.

Vintage Retro Maytag Washing Machine - $60


Rusty old Maytag washer from the '40s with a wringer on top.
Looks like a cartoon.
Maybe you'll plant a palm tree in it?

Vintage Retro Diner Table - $40


Classic chrome & formica diner table from the '60s with a 12" leaf. Its been used as a work table, but with a little steel wool on those legs, it'll shine again.
With the leaf its 59"x35" and 29" tall.

Vintage Retro Pedestal Sink


Elegant old cast iron pedestal sink. A classy addition to your renovated bathroom. Considering its age, the finish is in great shape... just needs a good scrub.
The top measures 23"x20" and its 30" tall.
Asking $60 or best offer.

HON Steel File Cabinet - $30


Here it is. The file cabinet of your dreams. You know you don't want to go pay retail for something to hold your boringest paperwork.
in classic drab taupe
3 drawers & a door.
29"x38" and 16" deep.
$30 or just make an offer

Vintage Retro Wood Side Table - $25


Neat little solid wood side table. I picked it up because I love those atomic era looking legs. Needs to be refinished, but with a light sanding and paint job, this thing will look rad.
The top is 24" x 24" and its 25" tall
Asking $25, but whatever.


Brenda Rundquist

I would like to purchase the highchair.


Hi Brenda, Thanks for your interest. The high chair sold soon after I posted this back in 2008. This is a really old blog.

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