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Persuasive writing


File this under future assignments for my future writing students: Write a profanity-laced flyer persuading me that your dog is magnificent.

Someone brilliant or someone overwhelmed with heartfelt emotion wrote this. I can't tell which. Maybe both. Either way, behold Xerxes! This is another internet parody that makes me laugh in wonder. I just wish I could've experienced this flyer on a telephone pole instead of a blog.


Todd (La Pierna Negra)

I would not be suprised to see a flyer like this in the Denver area. People are muthafuckin stoopid about their bitches up in here.


Who would have ever guessed that Holden Caulfield had a dog?


I'm getting flashbacks of 'Speckles' the Loss Cat.


I guess when you start making shirts about your dogs and a business about the shirts that are about your dogs....you begin to move just a bit past the awesome humor and actually feel the electric vibration of canine addiction. LOVE IT>

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