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We scream for vouchers so that we can let the free market take this segregation thing all the way to its most possible extreme! (ahh sarcasm!)

Did you watch the John Adams series on HBO? There is this scene where Adams goes to meet the King after the war, as the first US ambassador to England. The king basically and sincerely says that he fears the new and inexperienced Americans will suffer a self-inflicted disaster trying to administer their own government. It didn't happen.

But it seems to have happened in Stumptown.

Am I sitting on the outside like some King who just lost part of his empire? Am I an elitist, a paternalist? What if I told you this shit makes me cry?


I agree with you Shawn. On a very visceral level this whole mess with the schools there makes me so angry. I won't go into a long diatribe about it. These kids futures have been RUINED by needless political infighting. SHAME on you clayton county. I mean it!


my dad told me about this Mark Twain quote:

"God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board."

Maybe the concept of local control over public education is rigged to benefit wealthy, isolated school districts?


Maybe the concept of public education is rigged to benefit a people who doggedly appreciate the immeasurable value, the organic importance, of such a gift? And maybe without such people no pantheon of leaders and no system of governance ever imagined can make any significant difference at all? The world can surely live without boards of education and never miss a beat. Good riddance to them all! But no matter where they go, here we are.


I think the actions of the school board warranted their removal, and maybe even deserves some sort of community service... unless their idea of service is what they've been doing. Then I think they should do jail time. Or we could put them into one of the schools they've run into the ground (a bunch of labor in a controlled environment where everyone hates you and you're unable to get a job afterward because your viewed as a trouble maker with no actual qualifications on paper). You know, a bad place like that.


I've been thinking more on this s#*t....and I think we need a revolution down there. The Board is non-existent (literally now and figuratively before); the superintendent is an illegally hired whore; and the Governor is hiding behind the constraints of this so-called state "constitution" (funny how that word is used).

For the next school board meeting, we should have all the children up early in the morning and start gatherin' stones and piling them into neat little pyramids. We put the the board members and the super's name in a hat and draw. Finally, the people of Georgia would see how much a lottery really can benefit education.

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