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Roadside fruit stand


I stopped by the State Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning to pick up some flowers for a friend in the hospital. I ended up buying her a white pumpkin instead.

I always forget how awesome the Farmers’ Market is, and how I tend to sucked in to the experience. The State Farmers' Market is one of the best things about Stumptown. With 150 acres of open air stalls and warehouses, it’s one of biggest in America. I love the giant concrete retro canopies.

It's not your trendy local or organic market, though. Like most places on the Southside, it feels somewhat undiscovered. There are a bunch of vendors who sell all the Mexican specialties year round. Seasonal stuff is trucked in from far and wide. In the summer, it's watermelons from Alabama, fall and winter mean Christmas trees and pumpkins from Michigan. There seems to be lots of potential to capitalize on Georgia-grown goodies. In the future, it could be like Seattle's Pike Place Market. I love how CFPT includes the Farmer's Market on their ideal Southside public transit loop.

On Saturday, a couple ladies were pumpkin hunting early, filling up minivans with classy halloween décor. Good to know there’s still a place to stock up on haybales, cornstalks, indian corn, gourds and pumpkins of every size and color.


The young guy tallying up my purchases asked if this was my first time at the market... maybe because I was taking photos. When he told me he came down from Michigan with the crop, I started seeing the place through new eyes again, and I was already thinking about this post.



Great photos Hannah! These bring back memories. I remember going as a kid when it was hopping with the hustle of veggie deals!


Did you set the young feller in his place? Did you let him know that you were working up the hill in a banana freezer when he was makin snow angels in kindergarten?


Lowell, you guessed it. I started telling him all about my days sorting maggoty potatoes at Sonny East. I can tell you never had to work there because bananas go in the warm room, NEVER the freezer.


Silly me, I guess the whole being 9 years old got in the way of hard labor... at least at the workplace.


Besides the all the bounty of nature. Who in the F-P-K you cannot forget the ritual of getting your drivers license at the farmers market? Then quite possibly getting your first speeding ticket in front of the farmers market by the F.P.P.D. Not that it happened to me...just sayin'.


I love Farm markets. Ours, being in a Northern climate, only runs from May to October. I miss it in the winter.

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