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My neighbors gave me the green tomatoes and the brainy-looking hedgeapple. It has a fragrant appley-orange scent and no culinary purpose. Recent research backs up the folklore that they are an insect repellent...

elemol, one of the major components of oil extracted from fruit of Osage orange, shows promise as a mosquito repellent with similar activity to DEET in contact and residual repellency.

I love it when that happens– when science confirms what the locals have been saying for years.


Sarah S.

Hi Just stumbled on your blog. I am off to read some more. I love your photos! Oh and my Maiden name is Stump! That is why I clicked on the link! :)



I remember seeing this fruit lying on the ground outside of Magnolia Grove plantation in Greensboro, Alabama under a very large, old specimen of the tree. I remember thinking to myself, "Why would such an homely looking 'fruit' be planted outside such a place?" My best guess was that it could have been planted for aesthetic reasons - like spring bloom. But, I had never heard of its repellent properties until I read your post. This makes so much more sense. I love how industrious and sensible this is.

Your post makes me happy.

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