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I had jury duty this week, and spent 2 full days at the Fulton County Courthouse. The jury selection meat grinder was alternately dull and fascinating, and I didn't even make it to trial!

I hid a novel in my lap and I waited my turn as 50 of my fellow county residents stood and gave testimony about their background. Each potential juror had to spill some delicate details of their life story– crimes witnessed, perpetrated and survived, opinions about cops and addicts and dealers, knowledge of handguns...

But I was just as riveted by the parade of demographics. The white folks were all from the northern part of the county– Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Roswell. And they all had high tech jobs and they all were transplants to the South.

Those of us living south of I-20 were mostly Atlanta natives and mostly black. It was utterly predictable, yet I was taken aback by the formality of our segregation. It made me feel naive, sheltered even. Kind of like when I go to the airport and I'm mystified to see hundreds of laptops and maybe only a few Macs. Why would anyone use a PC? or live in Alpharetta? They can't all be wrong, but still, I get pretty smug about my little world.

During the breaks, I got to chat with a several nice jurors about the weather and the traffic. I got few blank stares from people, both black and white, when I mentioned taking Marta from Stumptown. And I have to admit reveling, silently, as they moaned about their commute down GA-400, 20-something miles in the rain.

Sometimes this city breaks my heart.



It's Fulton County's own civil war... North vs South. I am proud to live in South Fulton... the South will rise again! Hahaha =)

Kimberly Julie

Oh suburbia... Cherokee county is pretty segregated as well, only it's the snotty rich people in the South and country rednecks in the North. There are no black people in Cherokee. Seriously. I think there were about three in my high school. :/

Christy Petterson

I can't remember if I told you I was about to have jury duty when we last talked. I went last week and was totally enthralled by 2 things:
1) omg! my delight to discover that people had to share details about their life in front of everyone. a dream come true for me!
2) Fulton county is HUGE! I had no idea. Alpharetta is in Fulton? And Milton? And Johns Creek? What?! My definition of "Intown" is pretty narrow, I'll admit, but I was the only person of my 12 who even lived close to intown. How can someone from Alpharetta understand (more less judge) someone from the West End?


@Christy- Glad to know I wasn't the only one culture shocked by our North Fulton neighbors. Same county, different planet.

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