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Main Street Stumptown


I love Main Street Forest Park. No joke. I'm over there almost every week.  I wonder what FP's Main Street has that all the Tri-Cities lack? The perfect combination of practical, nostalgic, weird and lovely? There must be some formula for balancing corporate and independent, new and old, retail, services and dining. Here's my favorite reasons to return to Stumptown's main drag:

The Forest Park Branch Library:
Free books in a stylish mod setting.

My Accountants:
They are nice. All their clients are like, a hundred.

Starr Park:
aka "The Rec," I played frisbee with Dairy Queen there just yesterday.

Lou’s Coiffeurs:
Source of all the perms of my youth. Again with the aging clientele.

American Salvage:
He sells nifty old school equipment. His shop full of wooden desks, rolling library carts, overhead projectors, cubby holes and mini furniture will trigger some unexpected memories.

The Army/Navy Surplus Store:
I always score camping gear and good birthday presents here. Plus, I got dogtags made for my dogs.

Anne & Bill's Restaurant:
Classic meat & 3. You can get a spam biscuit and run into a dozen old folks you know from church.

Attina's Music:
Purveyor of marching band instruments and my brother’s guitar lessons, was an advertiser in my parent’s high school yearbook. I visited early on a Saturday morning and had a banjo appraised while three Mexican men were testing out an accordian.

Carter’s Cleaners:
I love their neon sign.

Christian’s Pharmacy:
I get fascinated by independent pharmacies (and hardware stores). You can find some random old stuff on the shelves.

The Post Office:
Just another nice, smalltown post office with a sweet mid-century atrium.

Chic-fil-A Dwarf House:
At some point, Truett Cathy mandated that all the employees start saying "My pleasure," instead of "you're welcome." See how many times you can get them to say it.



Funny, on my visit back to FPK. I visited several of those places for practical reasons. Eating, getting pants altered, buying a chair, picking up moms after her hair appointment. You forgot to mention how Main street was altered over by the gas station and army/navy store.


You have GOT to learn how to spell Chick-fil-A. C'mon. You call yourself a native?

Poor White Trisha

I always felt that the only reason the FP library was two story was because some county commissioners brother sold elevators..but as a kid in the 80's i loved riding it.


Okay, this isn't exactly Main Street, but the corner of Forest Parkway and Old Dixie Hwy...

Is anyone old enough to remember the "haunted house" (an old delapited home, probably turned tenament house at some point) that sat on the corner the Zestos has now been for the last 40 years?

It was terribly picturesque, with a dying oak beside it, and everyone always commented on how it looked like a protopypical haunted house, especially at sunset... It was there until near the end of the '60s.

Surely someone in the world remembers it, or even took a photo.

Poor White Trisha

It's not exactly mainstreet but Dr's Dunbar, stone, mcclellan and Kreider. Kreider was my pediatrician after about age 8, the other docs were a lot older, but i remember them smoking. Prior to Dr Kreider, my pediatrician was Dr. Redd..not sure where his office was though. It had some funky green stained glass waiting room partitions.

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