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Ghost town of College Park


This is so spooky and tragically beautiful: 42 acres of demolished homes, driveways that lead to crumbling foundations, flanked by rusty mailboxes, aging magnolias and crepe myrtles. The land was bought up by the City of Atlanta as some kind of airport noise abatement program (like Mountain View?) and still sits undeveloped.


There are a few surviving homes. Hard to believe you can still find scenes like this inside the perimeter. My friends told me that our local CSA is interested in cultivating a community farm here. I am so enamoured with the Southside.



Atlanta is a big city with big city problems. Separate fiefdoms of little kings showing that they have power. People who can have migrated away from the airport areas. There are exceptions of course. Little pockets of resistance. Funny that you mention Mountain View so little of it remains of the original subdivision just some grown over streets and illegal dumps. It begs to be explored. Stumptown is like that it breaks your heart but there is always a flicker of a new beginning. You just have to look real hard sometimes.


Be cool if that farm was an algae jet fuel farm! Ironic, cool and perfect.


while we're dreaming... why not partner with the State Farmer's Market and create a Southside-Grown Diner for airport travelers.

Like this:


hello, this sounds really interesting to explore. do you have directions on how to get here?


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