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My Dad and his brothers have been passing around this Forest Park trivia game that started on Facebook. I'm including the answers that have been proposed so far. I love the urban legends and insider knowledge (see #1, 8, 10, 16, 18, 26, 39), but the majority of these fond memories are of businesses that have come and gone. Funny how retail history becomes our shared culture. In 30 years, will we reminisce about Circuit City?

1) What made traffic back up after Thanksgiving on North Avenue?
The huge Santa in the Emerson's front window

2) Where did most parades start and end?
Grant City Shopping Center

3) What was the original name of Fort Gilliam?
The Atlanta Army Depot

4) There were three Drive-In Theaters in Forest Park. Name them.
South Expressway and Thunderbird

5) What was the name of the restaurant at the end of Main Street before you entered Mountain View?
Hickory House

6) What was the name of the snack bar at Richway?

7) If you were a kid in FP in the '60s or '70s most likely who was your doctor?
Dr. Stone, Dunbar or McClellan and Dr. Kim was part of that practice for awhile

8) What was the urban legend about Judge Reynolds' Property?
He'd shoot you.

9) Name the first home improvement store/ lumber yard on old Dixie.
West Lumber – I think West was on Forest Parkway across from the market. Longinos became Wickes

10) Name the man in the late 70's or early 80's that walked around FP real fast (speedy, walking man).
I can't remember his real name but was known as the Walking Man and was hit by a car and killed in 1999.

11) Name the only year FPHS won a state title in football.
It was in the '50s and Charley Griswell was the star player for the team.

12) Where in Forest Park did Johnny's pizza open before moving to Virginia Ave. by the airport?

13) What year was the first FPHS opened?
1951, I think.

14) Who wrote the words to our fight song and where did it come from?
I heard that Lloyd Tarpley, Florida State alum,  wrote it

15) What ever happened to the cannon that sat out by the flag pole?

16) From Forest Park Who dated Elvis Presley and was on Hee- Haw?
Diana Goodman - class of 69

17) Where Super X used to be they had the haunted house that Clayton Community Church would do every year, what was it called?
Trail of Terror

18) What did the hippy at the corner of Old Dixie and Morrow Road sale?

19) What was the name of the restaurant inside Grant's department store?

20) What was the name of forest parkway before it was a 4 lane?
Georgia Avenue

21) Where is the oldest church in Forest park?
Philadelphia Presbyterian

22) Where was the giant slide located? (Not the water slide)

23) What was the name of the water slide in Forest Park?

24) What was the name of the mobile restaurant in Clayton Plaza?

25) What is the name of the largest baseball filed at the Forest Park Rec?

26) In the '70s how much did it cost to enter Forest Park outdoor pool, and what form of I.D. needed?
25 cents and a FP recreation card and the Avengers ran the place.

27) Name the restaurant that was built in front of the bowling alley on Old Dixie Hwy in the '70s.

28) Name the restaurant inside the Farmers Market before it was Davis Brothers.

29) Where was the place you could drive slot cars?

30) Name the hobby store in Clayton plaza.

31) Name the department store on 54 going north just over the bridge to I-285 in Forest Park.

32) Name old department store just before I-285, what could you "drive thru" to pick up?
Treasure Island

33) Name the Donut shop that was across the street from Clayton Plaza Shopping Center.
Mister Donut and it was won on a Game Show in Hollywood.

34) Name the Steak Restaurant that was across the street from the 54 entrance to Ft. Gilliam.
Western Steer

35) What was the name of the Veterinary Clinic on the corner of Jonesboro Road and Watts Road?
Ford Animal Clinic

36) Where was the indoor Forest Park Theater Located?
It's across the street from Crumbley Tire and has been a Bar and a Church - go figure

37) What was the name of the restaurant at the old A&P shopping center off main street?
Anne & Bill's or Forrest House

38) What was the name of the book store in Grant's City?
Eller News Center

39) Peter's Woods are the home of what?
Maniacal Waterheads

40) If you lived in FP in the '70s and '80s where did you go the night of July 4th?
Kiwanis Field

41) What was the original name of Forest Park?
Stump Town

42) What kind of barn was on Main Street?
Shoe Barn

43) What was the name of the stop-n-go type store on Main Street?
Golden Gallon

44) For many years all seventh graders went to Fountain Junior High. Why?
Integration. It was a Clayton County Board of Education experiment. In hopes that they could exorcise the Middle School demons prior to Junior High School. And to think that folks think the CCPS Board problems are new...                                             

45) Who had a shop on Main Street and probably took your Senior portraits? Pete Smith

46) If you got a traffic ticket in the late '70s or early '80s who most likely would be your judge if you went to court?
Judge Brock

47) At FPSH what did the cheerleaders sell on game day?

48) What was the name of the group that ran the school store?

49) What was the name and the location of the pool hall in FP?
Main Street A&P

50) In the Southlake 2 complex where the movie theater was, there was a British pub what was its name?



23. Wet Willy's


No. 8....he would shoot "salt rock"


I was a patient of Dr. McLellan and Dr. Kim.

Bud was a patient of Dr. Ford. Dr. Ford had an old rickety black man as an assistance who rarely spoke but smiled real big and was afraid of no dog but once called Bud a "firecracker."


And I find it amusing that the post card has TWO chain burrito joints....and now there is a shitty start-up chain brunch restaurant where Tortillas used to be on Ponce.


mmm... corporate burritos...

I miss Frijoleros, Matilda Bean and Tortillas.

Billy Craddock

no. 19 grants dept store restaurantwas The Bradford Room

Billy  c

Buddys toy store and big slide was behind the krystal and dont forget the putt-putt was where the tire store is now

Joe T

no. 20 Central Ave

Joe T

no. 13 1933 on College St

Joe T

no 4 Forest Park Drive In on Hwy 54

Joe T

no. 5 Bar B Q Kitchen owned by Mr Yarborough

Joe T

no 1 Mack Embry

Joe T

no 11 1951 undefeated- State Champions with 17 players

Joe T

no. 50 Brothers Two

Joe T

There is a map in history room at city hall and another at Kiwanis club on main st, showing each property , the buyer and what it cost. Lots on Central Ave( Forest Parkway) sold for $42.00. Little Store on Ash St. Built 1943. Entire block where store is located sold for $800.00. Great Mission at Forest Park First Baptist 2nd & 4th wed, 11:am. Come and visit.

Brenda Meadows

#3 was Atlanta General Depot. My father worked there in the 50's.

C. Dennis Shaw

#13: FPSH predated the 1951 winning of the Class C Championship in Football. That was the first year they played football. The school had been opened earlier than that ...

#14: Lloyd Tarpley was NOT an FSU Graduate, he was a University of Miami Grad, with a Masters from UGA. He indeed did write the words to the fight song, and it used the music of the FSU Fight Song.


51. What was the name of the store that sat just across the bridge in Mt View?

52. What dept store sat off I75 at the end of Fulford Dr?

53. What mom & pop store sat on the west side of the railroad tracks on the on east end of Fulford Dr?

(Want more? :) )


22. The Giant slide was adjacent to the Grant's shopping center.


The Starlight drive-in was the third outdoor movie.

Debbie (Johnson) Galloway

#47) In 1969 the cheerleaders sold ribbons to wear to the games. Wine & Gold listing who we were playing.


#30. The name of the hobby store was hobby city.


Does anyone remember the tasty pizza on jonesboro road?

Bobby Lyle

#12 The original Johnnys Pizza was on Ash Street between the 7-11 and King Kongs Market on Morrow Rd.There was a popular barber shop in the same bldg,another trivia question maybe..


Awww Dr. Stone, Dr. Dunbar and Dr. Mclellan were my my doctors. I used to get a ride around in a wagon in the office before I'd get my shot.

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