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I spotted a new item on the refrigerated produce shelves at my local Wayfield Foods– Wild Bill's Yellow Root Tea. Even at $5.99, I couldn't resist. (I paid $20 for a Neti Pot at Whole Foods last week, I guess I'm a sucker for folk remedies.) But what is it exactly? And what does it do? The label is a bit mysterious:

"Yellow Root has been known to have been used by people for many years."

hmmm. It also recommends drinking 4 ounces a day, mixed with my favorite juices. Anybody know if this is even safe?

(I'm not planning to drink this potion. Just wanted to solicit your stories and rumors.)



Why not? Anything that comes in a mason jar labeled "Wild Bill" should be tried. It reminds me of white lightning. I mean you could wake up at the local 7-11 surrounded by neighbors asking why you were running down the street naked singing the star spangled banner.


The last time I saw yellow liquid in a jar I was wearing a Seymour Butts original gown.


Ask Granny about yellow root. When Debbie had morning sickness, Uncle George walked into the Cartoogeychaye woods and found some (not easy to find) so that Debbie could make a tea. It didn't help, but Appalachian folks swear by it.


Where can you buy this tea. I would have it shipped. I live in Washington


I bought some actual yellow root at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market but haven't made tea with it yet. The curb market sells lots of the brewed tea but I liked the bundle of sticks better. The woman at that stand said it is for diabetes and high blood pressure, and anything, really.


I bought some of the Uncle Bills yellowroot tea at La Prades Apple Orchard on 365 Highway in Ga. My Mom used to give it to me when I was a child for tummy pain. My daughter and I are drinking the 4oz a day. She said she felt better with more engery. I think it makes me feel better. My son said its all in our heads. I say if you think you feel better thats okay. Mom said it wont hurt me.


I guess I drank to much of that Wild Bills tea, I got it at Jamore Farm on 365 not La Prades. I got something else from there just dont remember what it was. I guess yellow doesnt help with memory loss.

Dee Goodhand

I recently bought some on the way home from vacation. This is the worse tasting stuff I have ever had. It reminded me of Dumb and Dumber when the police officer took their bottle of beer and drank a big swig... then he made the funniest face. Yellow Root Tea made me make that same face. I am only hoping that they did not have similar ingredients.

Bridget Carroll

I bought some off Interstate 75 in Ga. Been drinking 4oz per day and my arthritis hasnt bothered me since. The taste isnt too bad, you get used to it, or you can put some sweetener to your liking in it. Remember, if the Indians used it as medicine, it is good for us as well.

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