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Atlanta Airport 1969


December, 1969. Pilot's eye view of Atlanta Municipal Airport's newly completed main runway. AJC/Ken Patterson 

I'm obsessed with this old photo of "Atlanta Municipal Airport." Look at all the houses between the runways! I think that residential peninsula on the left is part of College Park. It's hard to recognize Atlanta before the interstates. Can anyone help explain what I'm looking at here?

I'm From Here.


Yesterday I went to Forest Park on a mission to rent a storage unit. As if storage units aren't bleak and funny enough, I was amused to find the PODs headquarters among a strip of warehouses on a street where I lived briefly as a child. There are no houses left on Barnett Road, just a small trailer park off Old Dixie Highway to orient me. I drove up and down the street trying to imagine where our house used to be, with its pecan tree and wild jonquils and the little guest house out back. "Air Logistics Center II" gives away nothing. How I can manage to get sentimental over just the angle of winter light and the resonance of incoming jets is a testament to my unique neurosis.