Atlanta Airport 1969
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Observation Decks


Last weekend we shot this little time-lapse video of Sunday night traffic at the airport.

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world's busiest airport, supporting an average of 237 landings and take offs per hour. This video observes one busy flight vector, for one hour. It's a tiny illustration of the flight volume of this massive operation.

We spent a while driving around the airport, trying to find a good view without looking too terroristy. I couldn't find a good "observation deck" and ended up at a restaurant in Hapeville. It seems like observation decks are a thing of the (pre 9/11) past. It's a shame, because our evening of plane-watching was magical and inspiring.



Good stuff, I had an idea where a telescoping boom lift gets rented for a day, placed in a vacant lot or the side of a deserted street and you do the same time lapse video or take pics. As for looking like a terrorist, you should only worry about that if in fact you are a terrorist.

Patrick Smith

You can still find observation decks at many airports overseas.

In the US, the best deck used to be the one on the 16th floor of the control tower building at Boston-Logan.


Thanks Patrick. I spend a lot of time puzzling out the Atlanta Airport, so I often wonder how its growth compares to others around the world...

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