Pipe Dreams

Urban Campground


Today, Dairy and I found ourselves at Camp Fulton/Truitt 4-H Center in College Park. We were trying to investigate another College Park "ruin" – the barricaded grounds of Kathleen Mitchell Elementary on Paul D. West Drive. Instead we found this decaying campground in a 38 acre forest next to the airport. I spent a lot of weekends in Girl Scout camps, State Parks and 4-H camps, so the little brown cabins and hand-routed directional signs felt very familiar... but I didn't expect to find them here.


Despite scenes like this, this facility is still in operation. This swimming pool must have been amazing. It made me even more curious about the 80-something acres north of this site... All fenced off, demolished, overgrown and directly under the flight path.



Dee Claborn

I had no idea this existed. Have explored Kathleen Mitchell's ruins about 3 or 4 times over the last ten years. Have photos and video.

Kevin L.

I went to 4-H camp there in the mid 80's. The swimming pool was fed by a spring. The water was the coldest I have ever been in. I jumped in and got out about as quick.

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