Eulogy for Main Street
Set in Stone

Before / After

Before: Tall, red, '80s-era Interstate sign for the Farmers' Market. I always liked the distinctive type.

After: Just spotted the new version. Looks like they forgot to design it.

I'm almost as bummed about this as the demolition of Main Street, but not everyone's a vintage type nerd. The good news is the market was hopping. I bought Japanese Maples on my lunch break for half of what I paid in the spring. Long live the Farmers' Market!



You know I've seen that sign so many times (and I agree, I like the old version better), but I've never shopped there. Might have to make a trip soon! Do you know the best time to go?


hi hakebar, you're going to fall in love with this crazy place. Seems like mostly contractors and restaurants shop here, so you can get wholesale prices. The nursery stalls have the best prices and selection on plants, trees, and mulch year-round. It's worth the trek to find pumpkins in October and Christmas trees in December. As far as produce goes, just arrive early so your fruits and veggies haven't been sitting in the heat all day. Take photos!

Jean McBride

I remember when the Farmer's Market was hoping with all kinds of fruits and vegetable. Where do farmers from South Georgia and other States take their produce now that the Farmer's Market isn't as hoping as it used to be?


I remember going to the farmers market on saturdays in the late 70's with my Aunt's Uncle's and my Great Grandmother. My company has several clients in there and I felt like I was going back in time with the smells and the stalls when I last visited.

They lived in the neighborhood across from K-mart. I remember that Chief Knock-a-homa lived there.
That Area has gotten pretty bad now.

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