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These are “the projects” down the street from my house. Isolated between Hillcrest Cemetery and the Highway 166 overpass, I routinely drive past them on my way to the freeway. Over the last 6 months, I’ve noticed that they are being vacated and boarded up. Only a couple cars remain parked out front, a few lingering porch lights are left on at night. I wonder if East Point is following the example of Atlanta, which has now demolished all of its large-scale public housing projects.


I knew almost nothing about the East Point Housing Authority until they made national news yesterday with their tragically disorganized effort to disseminate Section 8 applications. The sight of these boarded up buildings may have contributed to the urgency of the crowd. How can there be enough vouchers for everyone who has been displaced? I am constantly thinking about the ache of lost homes, and here that feeling is multiplied by hundreds.


I parked at the cemetery to visit the vacant complex. The plaque told me that it has a name: Hillcrest Homes, dedicated in 1951. With the blue sky and puffy clouds, and the cicadas humming along with the traffic, it reminded me of a summer camp after all the campers have gone home.


Chris Montesinos

Yes, the housing authority for East Point is in the process of closing down several of their public housing developments, including Hillcrest. What will replace it has yet to be determined.


The trend now is to give rental housing vouchers so that there is not a concentration of low income families in one area. The city of Atlanta and Fulton counties have done this in a couple of places.


"Public housing" apartments aren't the only ones being 'closed' in East Point.....I recently noted that a large apartment complex on DeLowe Drive near Headland Dr. has been boarded up. Very attractive.

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