Evidence of Plunkett Town
Concrete Graves

In Hot Pursuit


If you watched an old, low budget, action flick on YouTube that featured a house-moving scene within a zany police car chase...
and the movie was based on true events and shot on location in 1975 in Clayton County, Georgia...
and the house was a noble old bungalow with dark shingles, sold and relocated for $7000 cash...
would you feel a little sad about seeing it carried off and wrecked?
I imagine it was somebody's childhood home from Mountain View or College Park. 
Polk County Pot Plane, AKA In Hot Pursuit, is worth watching if only as a weird artifact of Clayton County's late '70s real estate free-for-all – a brief time when house-moving sightings were common and the houses themselves seemed almost disposable. (And the hairstyles and lousy acting are entertaining, too.)



deborah ybarra

The last picture on bottom right has a picture of my father. This man was Charlie ray Armstrong. Playing the town drunk.

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