Notes from the BK of CP


That’s the Barbeque Kitchen of College Park. Serving it up southern style for 40 years. Scene of my 30th birthday party. We figured it would be a cheap enough meal to ensure a big turnout. Our family would appreciate the southside location and our transplant friends would find the whole thing exotic. The owner, who knew both my dad and Mug’s dad from Forest Park days, visited all the tables, reminding everyone that Sunday is banana pudding day. It was a classic stumptown hoedown!


I’ve never actually tried the BBQ here. Mug can’t get past the fried catfish on the bone and I’m attempting to master the 4-veggie plate. They have this nonsense offer on all-you-can eat veggies, where you can pick a new item each time you clean your plate. Here’s a list of the sides I’ve been able to critique over the course of several meals at the BK of CP:

Mac & Cheese – Always gets eaten first.
Fried Okra – Second place finisher.
Pole Beans – Broad haricots verts, plus bacon.
Creamed Corn – Tastes fresh, not canned.
Okra & Tomatoes – Tangy! They managed to sneak bacon in these too.
Navy Beans – These are the white ones, simmered to a buttery mush.
Peach Cobbler – Slimy with a hint of nutmeg.
Mashed Potatoes – Mug says they’re the real deal.
Baked Apples – How great that I can get baked apples outside of November.
Cornbread & Biscuits – Don’t make me choose between them.

Weird stuff:
Collard Greens – Too bitter and swampy for me.
Rutabagas – Looks like applesauce, tastes like turnips.
Banana Pudding – Turns brown under the heat lamp. I believe it should be pale and chilled.
Yellow Squash – I have an aversion to yellow squash in general.